Monday, August 15, 2011

The Mystery of Lighthouses

Lighthouses fascinate me.  They are not only beautiful but they have some great stories that go along with them.  I love the Nubble Light located in Maine.  There's not a summer that goes by that my family and I don't visit it.  This last time I took more pictures of the Nubble (not that I don't already have enough) and I was inspired to do something special with the photo.  That's when the idea of making art tiles popped into my head.  I then started looking at all the lighthouses in Maine to make a collection.  I also decided not to make coasters but to make the tiles to display either on an easel or plate hanger.  I also wanted to put a brief history of each lighthouse on the back of the tile.  I then started to research each one's history. 

The Nubble Light was built after the shipwreck of the Isidore off the coast of Cape Neddick. All 16 men on board died and according to legend the Isidore reappears as a ghost ship along with its crew. 

One of the keepers had a 20 pound cat that would swim across the canal to the mainland to hunt rodents. 

Every lighthouse has interesting stories, some gruesome and some haunting.  Follow my blog for more stories and updates on the Lighthouse Tile Collection.

Front of tile

Back of tile

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